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Every day it’s adventure

Locally and sustainably produced Swiss watches
Sustainable materials

We use responsible and sustainable materials.


Every component of the watch meets the criteria of the "Swiss Made" label.


Rigorous testing procedures confirm the precision and reliability of the watches.

Customised watches

Each model is limited and numbered.

The watch

A watch that accompanies you on your adventures.

"When I decided to create my own watch brand, I asked myself: What watch will people wear in the future? What value should it represent? I imagine a watch that not only fits into every life situation, but is also produced in a local and sustainable way. This is how I defined the vision and mission of Bantiger Uhr."
Nuno Lüthi
Owner & CEO
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Mission & Vision

locally and sustainably produced watches

Life is an adventure


Discover our first model

model „947“

Interesting facts

experts take the floor

Learn fascinating background information from experts in the watch industry.

Cooperation with Summit foundation

Bantiger Uhr is committed

The Summit Foundation has set itself the task of reducing the impact of human activities on the environment, especially in the mountains. The environmental foundation is committed to raising awareness and environmental education, developing concrete solutions and organising waste collection campaigns.

Bantiger Uhr supports Summit Foundation with a donation of CHF 50.00 on each sale of a watch.

In addition, Bantiger Uhr participates in annual campaigns of Summit Foundation. Appropriate information will be provided prior to the campaign.

Join us next time and help out …

Be part of the next tour

support the summit foundation on a tour and receive a 5% discount on the purchase of a watch

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